Zscan Wireless Scanning Mouse



Business travelers have been the target market for many of the tech developments that have fueled the shift from desktop to laptop, from office-based to cloud-based, and from mondo to micro.  The Zscan wireless scanning mouse is yet another innovation designed to lighten hearts and the carry on bags of both business and pleasure travelers.

If you’ve lived through the frustration of trying to scan or copy a vital document while you’re on the road to Timbuktu, you’ll really appreciate the smart features of this clever scanning mouse.  Zscan can distinguish between text and images.  The optical character recognition feature will quickly convert scanned text to an editable word processor format.  Zscan’s software can discern 199 languages, with rapid translation.  A ‘scan to speech” feature lets you do exactly that.

Amazingly, the scanning mouse can also scan printed spreadsheets back to digital format.  It’s perfect for scanning travel receipts, your favorite restaurant’s menu, or a sketch or drawing of your latest brainstorm.  Since Zscan is also a multi-function bluetooth mouse, it frees you from your laptop’s trackpad, and will share it’s outputs with IOS devices like your iPhone and iPad.

The Zscan wireless scanning mouse won the 2015 “My Favorite Stationary Award” at the Hong Stationary Show.  While that may not be as impressive as a blue ribbon at the county fair, it’s evidence that Zscan is grabbing some positive attention.  I can’t claim to have used it’s competitors, but Zscan is racking up great reviews.  It’s literally a pocket-sized scanner that is perfect for your next road or air trip.  At $159, it’s not cheap but it’s functionality easily justifies the price.

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