Travel-sized ultraviolet sterilization wand kills germs anywhere



I can’t count the number of times I’ve come down with a cough or a cold or something worse after a long flight.  Whether it’s because our immune systems get jet legged, or because we’re exposed to pathogens that are new to our systems isn’t clear to me, but the pattern is.  And I’d guess I’m not alone, since products like Airborne, that claim to keep you from getting sick when you fly, are pretty popular.

Rather than trying to fight germs AFTER they’ve invaded your body, a portable UV wand will let you kill the little devils BEFORE they get the chance to make you sick.  The wand is quick and efficient, killing up to 99% of germs and viruses.  It leaves no residue, is odorless, and doesn’t expose you or your seat mate to potentially harmful chemicals. The wand works simply by passing it over any surface you’d like to sterilize.  It’s great for hotel rooms, planes, trains, and automobiles.

I don’t really recommend reading the article “You Don’t Want to Know What’s Lurking on Your Toothbrush”.  It’s enough to know that whatever it is  can make you sick, both literally and figuratively.  The UV wand is a great way to effectively sanitize your toothbrush,  and that alone is reason enough to buy a couple of them.

And once you’ve read some of the many recent articles about the filth and bacteria that cover the interiors of commercial aircraft, a UV wand will become your most vital carry on appliance.   At under $40 on Amazon, My BioDefense Wand is a bargain by any standard.

The BioDefense wand works only on dry surfaces.  The SteriPen will kill pathogens in drinking water.  If you’re traveling to a place where water quality is questionable (like some major US cities), you may want to add a SteriPen to your travel bag.  Placing the pen in a glass of water will kill just about any pathogen that mother nature and human frailty can throw at you.   They’re a little more spendy than the BioDefense wand, but your health is always a good investment.  Nothing ruins an otherwise perfect vacation like a bout with Montezuma’s Revenge.

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