The best travel backpack EVER! Solar charger built in!




I’ve learned to travel with a soft-sided backpack instead of the typical hard sided suitcase on wheels that almost everyone carries aboard too-crowded airplanes that don’t have quite enough room to accommodate all the carry ons.  My pack has a padded compartment for my laptop and tablet, is big enough for a change of clothes in case my checked luggage gets lost (again), and lets me walk hands-free through the airport so I can comfortably carry my coffee or my wife’s mondo carry ons.

I thought my Rick Steves pack was cool until I saw the Lifepack.  With a built in solar charging kit for your tech toys, padded laptop compartment, built in bluetooth speakers, and much more, the Lifepack is the ultimate techie travel bag.  It has hidden pockets in the straps and elsewhere to secrete your valuables, and a tough tether that lets you secure it when it’s not on your back.

Small enough for a carry on, but big enough to carry all the stuff you need, the Lifepack is really the must have travel accessory for just about any destination.

Now for the bad news:  they’re in production, but probably won’t be available ’til November 2016.  Check out the details at Kickstarter, here. If you get in on the early bird special, you can reserve your Lifepack for an insanely cheap $125.

If you can’t wait ’til November, you can get the Hedgren travel backpack very nicely designed backpack right now at Amazon. While it doesn’t have a solar array, it DOES have an onboard battery that will keep your devices charged (if you keep the Hedgren travel backpack charged). You can pick one up for a cool $119.

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