What’s the Best Travel App for Paris?



Best Metro app for Paris

Best travel app for Paris

What’s the best travel app for Paris

If I’m the only one voting, Citymapper wins hands down.  In fact, I can’t imagine visiting Paris without it. This is the app the locals use for getting around Paris, and that alone should get your attention.  Paris can be a tough place to navigate even for Parisians, so pay attention to the locals..  Until you’ve used it, it’s value may not seem as obvious as it is, but here’s a quick overview:  from literally anywhere in the city, you can type a destination into Citymapper, and Citymapper will calculate your route by any mode of transportation you choose, including the Metro, buses, private car, by bicycle, and on foot.  Citymapper shows the nearest Metro and bus stops, the nearest bicycle exchange service (velo en libre, the ubiquitous Paris bike stations),  tells you where to transfer bus or Metro if it’s needed, how far your destination is, and estimates how long your journey will take. Citymapper displays a map with your current location, with your chosen route highlighted, along with Metro or bus routes.

I’ve used what I thought was the best Paris Metro app, but it doesn’t compare to Citymapper.  Since Citymapper compares travel times by various travel modes, you can get where you’re going as quickly and painlessly as possible. I’m sure there are lots of contenders for the best travel app for getting around Paris, but Citymapper has no peers, at lest not yet.

You can get the best travel app for Paris on either the App Store for your iPhone, or on Googleplay for your Android.  And the good news is that Citymapper is now available for Hong Kong, Washington DC, London, Singapore, San Francisco and several other cities.  It’s free, which means you have no excuse  if you’re traveling to a city that’s included in it’s growing coverage.

A glance at the reviews of Citymapper in the App Store will show you that I’m not the only one that loves this app.  If you’re a Citymapper user, please share your experiences below.  Happy trails!


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