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Tide Stain Pens

Sometimes it’s little things that spoil a perfect day.  Like a Starbucks stain on your only white shirt or a bloody mary spot on your tan slacks.  Tide stain remover pens aren’t really new, but they’re important and cheap travel accessories that you really shouldn’t leave home without since they’re so small and light that it’s literally like carrying a felt tip pen with you.

They’ll easily fit in a purse, briefcase, or backpack.  The stain-removing compound is almost magical.  You may even find yourself staining stuff on purpose just to watch the stains disappear.  Probably not, but long flights can be too boring…

In any case, these are one of those little things that can turn a potential disaster into a happy memory.  Amazon offers 3 for under $11. They make pretty good stocking stuffers, so don’t hesitate to get the party pack.


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