Portable Folding Bluetooth Keyboard

EC Technology Portable Keyboard

EC Technology Portable Keyboard

The versatility of tablets and smartphones is remarkable.  And their portability is uber convenient.

With the nomadic lifestyle that is opening up to more and more entrepreneurs, freelancers, and non-traditional employees, the utility of portable devices is becoming an essential part of both business and leisure traveler’s accessories.

Because I’m far more productive and comfortable with an actual hardware keyboard, which allows way more of the screen to be devoted to actual text, I’ve come to love portable bluetooth keyboards.  The EC Technology portable bluetooth keyboard has an aluminum body, which gives it durability but keeps it lightweight.  It’s lithium ion battery lasts for up to 60 hours of use, so even without a power supply or charger, it’ll get you through the longest flights.

The keyboard pairs with pretty much any bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet.  Works great for touch typists, with a couple of reasonably minor drawbacks: The right side shift key is small, and not where your finger expects it to be.  Takes a little getting used to for speedy typists.  And since the mechanism that keeps it flat is magnetic, it doesn’t work well on your lap, it needs a flat surface.

Otherwise, it’s very well designed, and a great alternative to a laptop, since it’s just about the size of a large smartphone or small tablet.  i tuck mine into an inside pocket in my coat, which is great in the winter.  There are fewer options for men in  warmer weather, but if you carry a purse or a backpack, it’s light and small.

The portable keyboard doesn’t include a stand to keep your tablet or phone upright while you’re furiously typing away. You can pick up a very simple and lightweight one for under $4 here.

For those of us that are way more productive with a hard keyboard, this can be a great tool tool for the road, or just daily use when you find a spare minute and inspiration hits or a deadline looms.

You can pick one up at Amazon for $35.99, and since it’s a Prime product, shipping is free for Prime members. Maybe you can have one delivered by drone.

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