Portable Clothes Washer – The Scrubba



Yes, I know this is TECH Tips for Travelers.  But there is at least some tech in this handy little travel-friendly portable clothes washer.  The light but durable bag is lined with scrubbing nubs that will quickly clean your clothes in the relative comfort of your hotel room.  The downside is that you are the power source.

But with 5 minutes or less of kneading the scrubber with your clothes tucked inside along with a little water and some laundry soap, and you’ll have a remarkably clean wardrobe waiting for you the next day.  Waiting, that is, after you’ve thoroughly rung and hung them to dry, then pressed the wrinkly ones.

The Srubba was developed in Australia.  There are companion products available, including a microfiber drying towel, a small and light weight clothesline, and inflatable hangers.

My favorite Scrubba feature is that you know that you’re not mingling your dirty laundry with that of perhaps countless thousands of others if you use public or hotel laundry facilities.  The smallest version weighs only 5 ounces, and takes up about as much room as a pair of boxers when it’s neatly folded.

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