Knee Defender Protects Your Space and Scanner Bag Protects Your Stuff


Gadget Duck has two products that they’ve developed themselves that may make your travel more comfortable.

While these may not be super technological products, they do address two issues that plague travelers.

Knee Defender consists of two small clamps that easily fit in a purse or carryon.  They’re designed to be clamped to your tray table supports to prevent the hapless traveler in the seat in front of you from reclining their seat back into your knees and face.

If you’ve guessed that deploying a pair of Knee Defenders may not endear you to the passenger in the seat ahead of you, you’re right.  If you happen to be sitting behind a type A or a tipsy traveler that’s having a bad day, sparks could fly.  Business Insider has an interesting article about the controversy here.

Gadget Duck’s companion product won’t ruffle any feathers, thankfully.  The Scanner Bag is a cleverly designed bag tag that affixes to the exterior of your luggage, with a window for your contact information, and a sturdy fold out bag that let’s you stow you cell phone and other items that airport security requires you to remove from your pockets.

Scanner Bag saves you from placing these items in the plastic bins that are almost certainly teeming with  pathogens and coated with more or less invisible filth. Scanner Bag  limits the ability of criminal TSA employees to fondle or steal your stuff since there’s little opportunity for them to get their hands on it without you watching them.

Knee Defender and Scanner Bag are available from Gadget Duck at prices ranging to $20.

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