Cure for Jet Lag: Light Therapy



If our earlier article on cryotherapy as a cure for jet lag left you cold, you may be interested in this hot tip.

Light therapy as a cure for jet lag has been around for a while.  Proponents of using light to re-orient our circadian rhythms (day/night sleep/wake cycles) have gained support for their claims that exposing even closed eyes to light can quickly rest our body’s clocks to new time zones thanks to a recent study conducted by the Stanford University School of Medicine.  Researcher there concluded that light therapy really does work.  While they found that flashing light exposure during a sleep cycle just prior to traveling to a new time zone would help reduce jet lag, users of Re-Timer light therapy glasses have reported excellent results.

Light therapy is not just a cure for jet lag.  It also helps with Seasonal Affective Disorder, the malaise that many of us sink into during cloudy and dark winter months in northern latitudes.  Thirty minutes a day with a pair of Re-Timers can help to elevate your mood during the doldrums of winter.

If you suffer from insomnia, whether it’s related to jet lag or not, light therapy with Re-Timer glasses may be the fix for which you’ve been searching.  At $269, you’ll want to pack them securely.

Re-Timer light therapy glasses have a rechargeable battery.  They don’t emit UV light, and Re-Timer claims that they are as effective as a light box, which generate up to 10,000 lumens.  Since they come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee,  you haven’t much to lose by ordering a pair.

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