Beat jet lag in 3 minutes





Photo Courtesy of Monte-Carlo SBM

It’s not yoga, supplements, or a “secret” pharmaceutical formula.   And it’s not widely available, so you may not have an opportunity to test its effectiveness.

But if you happen to find yourself jet lagged and in the South of France near Monte Carlo, consider stopping by the Thermes Marin spa for a quick cryotherapy treatment.  The developers and proponents of this treatment claim that it erases the malaise of jet lag, relieves insomnia, and invigorates your system far more effectively than a brisk espresso.

And speaking of brisk, the temperatures that you’ll be experiencing for this treatment are around -160 degrees Fahrenheit.  Yes, that little bar in front to the 160 IS a negative sign, so that’s 160 degrees below zero.  And you’ll be mostly naked.

The thought of the experience alone may be enough to shock you out your jet lag, but those that have endured this bracing treatment claim that it’s effective.

If you find that your destination doesn’t offer cryotherapy facilities, try taking a healthy dose of vitamin D, and spending at least an hour in daylight before hitting the sack.  And stay hydrated with plenty of purified water, if you can find it.

Mimi chronicles her experience with cryotherapy at the Thermes Marne facility here.  Definitely worth reading.



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