Airbolt luggage lock with smartphone app lets you track your bag with GPS



Technology is unlocking new opportunities every day, and now it will unlock your luggage through a smartphone app.

Airbolt is the brainchild of an Aussie development team that has crowdsourced their R&D funding through Kickstarter.  They’ve come up with a remarkably clever device that will set new standards in the luggage lock industry, if there is one.

Airbolt is TSA compliant, so you don’t have to worry about TSA Nazis cutting off your high tech lock to rifle through your underwear.  Well, actually you do need to worry about that because TSA Nazis aren’t likely to change their ways anytime soon.  But with Airlock, they may skip your underwear for a hapless traveler with a lower tech locking system, since Airlock keeps a log of each time it’s locked or unlocked.

Among the other crazy features of this space age lock are it’s ability to track you bags with crowd-sourced GPS, so you you’ll have a much better shot at finding a lost bag than the airline that lost it.

The lock also allows you to set a proximity alert on your smartphone, so that if you inadvertently leave your carry on at an airport coffee shop, your phone will alert you that Airlock has been left behind.


Not to worry if you lose your smartphone, you can still open Airbolt with a programmable PIN code (that you won’t want to forget).  Airbolt’s battery will last for up to one year, and is fully rechargeable, so there’s no planned obsolescence with this device.  It should easily last until the next big tech breakthrough in luggage accessories arrives.

You can join the crowd funding for Airbolt at Kickstarter, or pre-order one here for $135 AUD.

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